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AVIS Foot and mouth disease (FMD)

This AVIS FMD program was originally developed in 2000. During the international outbreaks of FMD in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa in 2001, it was decided by the AVIS Paternariat (IAH, FAO, OIE and AleffGroup) to make the program freely available on the internet as a public offering. Since we put this site up in February 2001, there have been over 7 million visitors. Thank you for your support. The program was revised in 2002 and until now this version remains freely available. We intend to continue to provide this service at no charge and we have also resisted countless offers to introduce advertising and other tacit ways of funding the site.

Enter AVIS FMD 2002

AVIS Programs
Meanwhile we have developed a whole suite of multimedia programs covering the major transboundary animal diseases, zoonoses and food safety. The AVIS FMD 2006, which is part of the new suite, represents a complete revision of the 2002 edition.


AVIS programs are available either on-line through subscription or on CD through bulk purchase. Detailed information is available on the AVIS College website.

January 2006


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